Re: “What are your thoughts on XYZ person/event?”

A lot of you have asked for our thinkpieces on current events–everything from the Oscars to #Formation to Kendrick to the extra messy presidential race. We haven’t. And it’s not because we’re ignoring you, or that we don’t believe that discussion is important. It most definitely is. We need to have in-depth, sincere dialogue about these issues, because they affect the greater Black community and American society as a whole. But let’s be honest – oftentimes there is a thinkpiece or collection of them that are being shared on social media which accurately, eloquently relay all of our feelings and deconstructions on the subject.

We’d rather discuss issues that affect us a little closer to home. Our experiences here in Omaha are unique… as I explained to someone in a meeting yesterday, we have the most polite racism, sexist and otherwise oppressive people I have ever encountered. We’d rather talk about what it means to be Black and identify as something other than a cishet man here in Omaha. Our voices are not represented.. They are pretty much erased and ignored, not only in the dominant white society but also in our greater Black community. Everyone wants to talk about the Black experience in urban communities in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, DC, Baltimore and NYC but not about the other communities.

Liberation doesn’t happen by only paying attention to the struggles of Black Americans in specific areas of the United States; it comes with talking about all of us. And we want, we need, to be centered for awhile.


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