We’ve got NEWS!

Do you want the good news or the sad news?


Good news:

We’ve finally done it! After working with the Women’s Fund of Omaha on a workshop about diversity, inclusion and authenticity, we were inspired. We’ve made the transition to an inclusive communications agency, called INclude. We’ll be offering a variety of creative services like marketing consulting, branding strategy/design, event planning and social media content management as well as customized inclusive equity training for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. The agency will also be focused creating inclusive spaces and communication in Omaha workplaces.

But don’t worry! The blog will stay melanin-blessed as Melanin & Honey, still focused on uplifting, empowering, and highlighting the many facets and triumphs of Black women, femmes and non-men.




Sad news:

Melanin & Honey co-founder Imagine Uhlenbrock has been an entrepreneur for years in the creative industry, and has recently decided to focus on her really amazing business Just Imagine Nails. We’re sad to say she will be leaving the Melanin & Honey team, but don’t worry she’ll still be sharing her insights every now and then.


Overall it’s a bittersweet time of growth. If you want to check out our agency, just go to www.includingomaha.com. Be sure to check out Imagine’s nail business – Just Imagine Nails – as well!

We’re also looking for support! Please support or share our GoFundMe campaign; we’re fundraising for our start-up costs such as legal fees, equipment, and eventually even an intern! (We don’t believe in working for no pay–it’s technically illegal and highly immoral.)

Also a big thank you to Hello Holiday for allowing us to try on their gorgeous threads! We had tons of fun working with them and the photographers at Hooton Images. .

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