So many people derail the movement, invalidate the movement, alienate and dehumanize the movement, that it’s ironic to me that so few people actually know what the movement is about. It’s that mob mentality in action, I guess, where so many people believe what their peers say rather than forming an opinion for themselves by doing, you know, research.

I’m not about to enable that behavior, but I will tell you what it means to me.

It means that my people–Black people–are treated as less than human in how they are interacted with, directly and indirectly. Specifically in America, that inequality in perceptions of deserved human dignity and respect is glaringly obvious especially when you look at the police and ‘justice system.’

Now I need you to realize, I’m writing this out of pressing, suffocating grief. I’m not about to be objective. I don’t have that luxury, nor do I have any desire to coddle a society who refuses to see how it is enabling a violently murderous demonic system that is killing. my. people.

We are shot dead for shopping. Murdered for playing with toys. Raped for driving. Assaulted for asking for help. Arrested and harassed for spending time with families. Assaulted for going home. Shot for opening our doors. Assaulted for going to pool parties. Killed for driving… anywhere. Or, just being in a car. Assaulted for avoiding accidents. Murdered for asking questions. Murdered for knowing too much about how our police profile and react violently to their stereotyping. Murdered for not realizing we’re not full-humans in society’s eyes. Murdered for walking down the street. Murdered for walking in our neighborhoods. Murdered for going through a drive thru. Murdered for having a mental illness. Murdered murdered murdered murdered murdered murdered murdered murdered murdered murdered murdered.

And then, as if that’s not enough of a dehabilitating tragedy of our existence, our murderers, our assaulters, our rapists, our harrassers walk free. 

But you’re telling me all lives matter? All lives should matter. All lives do not. That is evident in how you continue to erase our cries of grief, frustration, anger, pain when yet another Black body lies dead with a cop caught on camera murdering them.

You want to know how to be a better citizen? How to help make the world a better place?

Hold these murderers accountable.

Stand with us as we grieve. Shout with us as we call for change. Create space for us. Support us. Change this with us so that there are no more Black bodies lying in street from another police murder. Because this is unacceptable, and if you are silent about my pain your have chosen the side of my oppressor. Because it could be me next.

#AltonSterling ❤


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