We’re back.

Hi all, Morgann here.

I started this blog with a friend almost two years ago. It quickly grew, and while I loved the impact it was making in the community, I was quite frankly doing it alone and couldn’t keep up with the vision and success of it all.

But I also realize that because of this blog I found myself and my purpose, which was life-changing. Originally, this blog’s purpose was to explore the Black woman and non-man’s experiences in the Omaha metropolitan area; I realized that there were so many melanin-blessed people who I thought should also have an opportunity to share their story, their experiences, and we quickly shifted that mission to include non-white women and non-men.

It became, however, dominated by one voice – my voice – and that was never the intention. So now the hiatus is over, and the mission is back on track. This blog where you can see the world through a melanated non-man’s lens. It’s to explore intersectionality in all its beautiful manifestations. It’s to give people in our community to validate their experiences through creative expression. It’s to give evidence to reality of being in a community our non-white counterparts in other areas of the United States and the world sometimes forget exists. And it’s to create a safe online space to exist, because so many spaces are dangerous for people who are not white, and are not cisgender men.

I’m the editor here, and while I will still contribute content here, the majority of the content will be from melanated non-men in our community. Their stories are beautiful, inspiring, heart-wrenching and devastating. I am entirely in awe of these incredible contributors, and I cannot wait to share their stories with you. Their bravery and courage, their grace and kindness, their strength and unapologetic authenticity is all that is good and decent in this world. If you want to join by adding your voice, please reach out to me on the Contact page.

With that, I hope to get y’all good and SHOOK.


❤ always,


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