I grew up in a military family… so, when people talk about what veterans would and would not support, that is something that is very personal to me.

My family instilled in me so many values: honor, compassion, respect, patriotism, perseverance and always advocating for what’s right. I am who I am today is because of those principles.

I hate it when people that have not lived as a direct dependent or have served in the military talk about what they perceive it to be like, or try to ascribe what they believe our morality and lived experience to be. There are so many different subtleties of what it means to be military, and especially a military family that are not in the public eye. I will likely not share what they have been in my life, because my family is private and I try to respect that privacy, but there are several narratives other than my own to be shared.

However, one thing that I hope they wouldn’t mind me saying is that they fought for an America where the definition of patriotism is standing up for what’s right, what’s honest and decent and good and kind. It’s having a strong moral character, that leads and guides your path in life. It is at its heart compassion in action for marginalized populations, who have been historically targeted for demise and continue to be so.

I feel that we likely have a different perspective on patriotism then many people right now, especially those who are the loudest in media.

But before you share your comments and perspectives about the military today on Veterans Day, I’d ask you to think of veterans, and their lived experiences, from more than one perspective or narrative, especially you, my liberal friends.

An Army Brat

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